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Wedding Priest No Hassles - Wedding Officiant for Catholic Wedding

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Wedding Rings
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Couple getting Married
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Wedding Priest

Are you looking for a Wedding Officiant to officiate your Catholic Wedding? Look no further. You can have a Valid Wedding Priest officiate your Catholic Wedding at any location you choose. No hassles. A Wedding Priest, by definition, holds the office that performs religious rites. He is ordained to the sacerdotal or pastoral office of the Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican Church. Our Archbishop David L. Cooper has the valid Apostolic Succession credentials to officiate your Catholic Wedding. Anywhere! Do not wait any longer. Call now!

Valid Priest:

I am a Valid Wedding Priest who will officiate your Catholic Wedding at any location you choose. That's Right! Your way is okay. Your situation is okay. I am a dedicated Wedding Officiant who provides solutions to those in need. Marriage is a very beautiful and serious institution. You and your spouse are entitled to blessings and acceptance of the Church. Your family and friends are also entitled to those blessing and church acceptance. So enjoy those blessings our one and only true God provides with your loved ones. Do not let those problematic hassles stand in your way.

A valid Wedding Priest is just a phone call away. Call 818-390-1452 now. You and your loved one can begin the next journey of your lives, together, the way it is truly meant to be, as one.

Wedding Officiant

A Wedding Officiant, by definition, is any person performing the officiating role of a legal marriage ceremony. Many different people fit this definition, but not all of them use the wedding officiant title. A valid officiant determines the validity of your ceremony.

Wedding Officiant - No Hassles:

Yes, you can have a Valid Wedding Officiant officiate your wedding. That's right! Your No Hassles dream wedding by a wedding officiant who is a valid priest!

  • No Waiting
  • No Classes
  • No Hassles
  • At any location (the Kennedy family did and so can you!)
  • Your way is okay
  • Your situation is okay
  • Also Interfaith rites
  • Metropolitan Archbishop
  • David Leon Cooper, OMM, MS

Catholic Wedding

You can have your Catholic Wedding at any Dream location. That's right! You choose your Dream location. I officiate your legal marriage ceremony. Your way is okay with me.

Catholic Weddings - Any Location:

"Serious couples will call by telephone and speak with the Archbishop directly. No text messages, please."

If you are serious about having your dream wedding in the location of your choice, then call the Archbishop directly. Whatever your situation, the Archbishop can help, but only if you call. For those who prefer text messages, your dream wedding might get delayed. Phone calls are encouraged. Do not let you dream wedding wait any longer. Call 818-390-1452 today.