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Help Services

The purpose of this website is to provide help services to the many people who seek answers for their Wedding and/or Marriage. I am able to provide quicker responses with solutions to those questions and problems via email, text, or phone call. During my experiences, the sheer number of people with questions and/or situations that require my attention have been overwhelming; therefore, I have written a book and put together this website, which will allow me to interact with and serve the needs of considerably more people. Following are some of the tools with which I can serve you and address your personal and/or family needs:

Need Help?

If you have a situation that requires my help, you can contact me for assistance. You may also click on the Contract for Services form link for specific situations of the services I provide. I have written a piece on "Catholic Annulments: Freedom Without the Hassle" which addresses many of the questions and situations that most couples and/or their families wish solutions or answers for. This will educate many people and, from my experience, enlighten many more as to the options that are available to them of which they were not aware. Another valuable service that I provide is granting annulments.

A bishop can grant dispensations. That is, remove the impediments to administration of the sacraments. As a bishop, I grant dispensations for all of the dispensable impediments, including a prior marriage. I am dedicated to providing solutions to those who need them - marriage is suppose to be a beautiful and serious institution. Your whole family and friends are entitled to the blessings and acceptance of the Church. My book includes the Ecclesiastical Petition for Dispensation and Decree of Nullity form, and you may have access to the form at any time at your convenience.

Diriment Impediments

Diriment Impediments are factor(s) and/or circumstance(s) that can void a marriage contract. These Diriment impediments render that marriage contract void, even if all of the required legal solemnities were present at the time of the marriage ceremony. One example that invalidates a marriage is the existence of a former marriage.

Marriage Nullification:

(One of these must be present to declare a marriage null.)

  1. 1. No intention, when marrying, to have offspring
  2. 2. Deception of one party by the other in order to get consent, and if the other had been aware of the truth, would not have consented to get married
  3. 3. Abduction with the intent to force marriage
  4. 4. Failure to adhere to canon law for marriages
  5. 5. Impediment of Crime, murder of the spouse to marry another
  6. 6. Undispensed defect of form, form being married in the presence of a priest or deacon and according to the required form of words.
  7. 7. Force or grave fear
  8. 8. Consanguinity (blood relationship that is too close)
  9. 9. Psychological state hindering the ability to consent
  10. 10. No intention, when marrying, to contract a lifelong relationship (pretending consent)

Impediment Petition:

Note: Lack of Baptism is a serious impediment. A bishop must dispense it. Also. Adultery during the marriage could indicate a psychological state or lack of consent at the time of the marriage.

The Metropolitan Archbishop will review your petition and act immediately on your case within one week.

In Papal utterances regarding the Orthodox, we are called ". . . Orthodox brothers of the Catholic faith which by God's grace we share."

Pope John Paul refers to the Orthodox churches as ". . . sister Catholic churches . . ."

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices at 818-390-1452. We look forward to helping you receive the benefits you so rightfully deserve.